Our Expertise
News and Highlights Production
Tailored news coverage ensures public service broadcasters can follow their participating athletes and celebrate their achievements with the nation within 24 hours of an event. Here, biathlon makes the breakfast news on CCTV-5 sports news and 1.2 million viewers.
News and Highlights Production
Designed for specific Asian markets: we downlink live sport anywhere in the world, add local language expert voice-over and integrate the output to specific digital platforms.
Aerial Filming
We manage shoots using helicopter or drone-mounted aerial cameras in HD or UHD4K for live sport and documentaries. Recent locations include China Hong Kong S.A.R, United Arab Emirates and Switzerland.
Live Streaming
From venues and master control rooms to YouTube, Facebook and dedicated Chinese platforms, we help clients reach new digital audiences.
Social Media Engagement – China specialists
Launch and operate social media platforms on behalf of clients to interact and build a Chinese fan base. Includes re-purposing and generating original content: text, video, images and infographics.
Copywriting & Proofreading
Provide an effective resource for English-language message delivery, including web-content, presentations, press releases and newsletters.
Knowledge Transfer

Training courses for organisations who wish to enhance their capabilities covering topics such as: Digital Marketing, China Sports Digital Revolution and Effective Communication.

TV Commentator Training

Emerging markets often host new sports. We maintain a roster of commentators – in specific sports and languages – who we train to deliver the right level of technical language and communication style for the target audience.

For broadcast commentators, we provide expertise in knowledge, vocabulary and a framework to describing a range of extreme and endurance sports (cycling, triathlon, marathon & trail running, alpine skiing, freestyle skiing and snowboard, kayaking) in a range of languages.